Monday, July 17, 2017

Christmas in July Episode 1

6x6 Christmas Delivery
Art Glitter Glue 2 oz
Art Glitter Glue Tip pins
ATG Tape
Another day and another fun Christmas card. I love Christmas, it's my favorite holiday. I love the giving, the cool air, and the smiles that you see on peoples faces. I know that I go through days and I've got my head down going about my business. But at Christmas, I become so happy about the birth of my Savior that I guess I can't help but not notice the things around me a little more. When Jesus is on your mind things always look a little brighter. I know that at times people think of Christians as fanatics. Christmas though, is the one time of year that we can praise the Lord and others, knowingly or not, join in.You may be looked at a bit off if you go to people's homes in August and randomly start singing praises to our Savior. But not December, I can go all over the place and people will look at me and smile when I sing. I know that they aren't smiling just because I'm singing because I really don't sound that good. So why do you think it is that in December we can shout His praises for all to hear but any other time of year people go on about their day and say, "Look at that crazy lady, singing in public." I don't know about you but I don't mind being called the crazy lady. God means more to me than anything and I'm not going to wait until December to sing his praises and I hope that you will join in with me. Praise the Lord!
Thanks for visiting me today and remember to practice your CPR - craft, pray, repeat.
God Bless,

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