Saturday, July 15, 2017

Christmas in July - The Beginning

Thanks for taking the time to stop by for a visit, maybe share a laugh, and praise the Lord for a moment or two.

Here are a few things that I'll be using this month to share some Christmas in July. I'm hoping to show others that you don't have to specifically have Christmas stamps to make Christmas cards. I hope that this video is helpful to someone and in someway eases the worry that creeps into our mind and says, "You don't have the right things, you don't have the newest things, there are so many people out there better than you." Because, guess what, that is a lie straight from the pits of Satan. We all have gifts and talents and yes, there may be people out there better than you or I but does that lessen our joy while we are making these projects to share with the people love. No, it doesn't and if you share your work with others, the people who love you will support you no matter how bad the red ink bleeds into the white or how you had to put a stamped sentiment over the place where you dropped the ink pad on your project. As a family of God, we should encourage each other no matter what. There will be a future video that those exact things happen to me and as I've heard many times their are no mistakes in paper crafting. In my case, it's just called creative opportunities to see if my brain can keep up with my fingers. Thanks for visiting me today and happy crafting.
6x6 Christmas Delivery

6x6 I Love Christmas
6x6 I Love Winter
Honeybunnies Treasures

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